Aji Spa

Escape to a land of legends, where wild horses still roam free and ancient traditions are alive and well…

Aji Spa, the world’s leader in authentic Native American Healing offerings, is more than a place where the stresses of daily life are released. It’s a place where lives are changed… the lives of guests who transcend the barriers of discomfort by Healing the Body, Mind and Spirit… and the lives of the children of the Gila River Indian Community who directly benefit from every guest that passes through our doors.

Embark on an experience – unlike any other – that is closely overseen by Tribal Elders and is conceptualized and implemented by Pima and Maricopa people with generations of past spirits guiding their actions. Aji is real, Aji is authentic, Aji is waiting…


• Authentic Native American     • Thagimum (Massage)
• Wihosha (Facial)      • Hon (Body)
• Salon Services

5594 Wild Horse Pass Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85226
(602) 225-0100  |  (602) 385-5759 (Aji Reservations)