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Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and Bondurant Racing School –

For over 50 years, the Bob Bondurant School of High Performance Driving, continues to be the ultimate destination for excitement in Phoenix. Recognized as the world’s expert authority in driver training, and safety. Bondurant is open year-round, training aspiring racecar drivers, performance enthusiasts, current racers, executives, teens, and anyone looking to improve their car control skills.

Situated on Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, 450 acres of excitement, the only purpose-built facility in the world has access to three additional race tracks, a water sports lake, and three skid pads. Featuring over 200 race prepared vehicles, on their 1.4-mile and 1.6 mile road courses, 8-acre skid pad and the Bondurant Superkart School with kart track, and Bondurant Trackside. Students learn skid control, accident avoidance, race line theory, autocross, and more. Utilizing the Bondurant Method each day offers students nearly five hours of seat time and their own vehicle. The school showcases the latest in FCA performance vehicles as the Official High Performance Driving School for Dodge SRT, FIAT, and the Dodge SRT/Bondurant Drag Racing School as well as open-wheel Formula Mazda’s used in class and in the Bondurant Race Series.

With an ever-growing fraternity of over 500,000 graduates and participants, the School is the perfect venue for corporate outings, incentive and rewards programs, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. Our experience has allowed us to put together programs that leave a long and lasting impact on the Bondurant participants. From the first stages of planning all the way to event completion, our event planning/concierge staff will facilitate all of your company needs. Our all encompassing 450-acre facility in Phoenix, Arizona, allows us to cater to groups of any size.


High Performance Driving

Over the years and miles we travel behind the wheel, bad habits metastasize our skills. Minds wander. Coffee needs to be ingested before work. Makeup needs to be applied. And the guy in the other lane? He’s even worse! Bondurant’s menu of High Performance Driving courses enables the everyday driver to hone and sharpen their skills on the highways and byways of America. The crucial lessons learned here, aimed at drivers of all skill levels, are not soon forgotten.

Racing Programs


Get Behind the wheel of a 707-horsepower Supercharged 6.2L Dodge Challenger SRT®Hellcat and the open-wheel excitement of our Formula Mazda (4-Day only), this is the signature Bondurant course and our most popular racing program!
  • Progressively build your skills to levels you never thought imaginable
  • Maximum car control training and track time
  • Weight transfer, ABS braking, and accident avoidance
  • Heel-&-toe downshifting, skid control, and mock starts
  • Race line theory, cornering and passing techniques
  • Real use of SCCA rules, racing etiquette and race flags
  • SCCA license eligibility

Women's Driving Academy

Through this course, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your vehicle and learn from our expert trainers on how to maximize your safety while on the road. Unfortunately, most driver education stops with high school driver’s education, leading to unprepared drivers and unsafe roads. Our course will include vehicle dynamic exercises, where our students learn how to brake and accelerate efficiently, as well as precision maneuverability exercises. Above all else, we seek to improve your confidence as a driver and ensure that a few more safe drivers are out there on the road.
  • Classroom Instruction
  • Vehicle Handling Drill
  • Handling Exercise
  • Accident Avoidance Simulator
  • Precision Maneuvers Course
  • Skid control
  • Winding Road Exercise

Advanced Racing


Experience the ultimate adrenaline rush in an open-wheel rotary-powered Formula Mazda racecar.
  • Advanced open wheel racing techniques
  • Maximum track time and personalized instruction
  • Develop skills in preparation for the Bondurant Championship Race Series or any events you may want to take part in
  • Pre-requisite: Grand Prix Road Racing Course or an approved accredited racing license