In the heart of the Sonoran Desert is Aji Spa, a Forbes Five-Star therapeutic oasis designed with the physical and spiritual needs of its guests in mind. Bringing together contemporary spa treatments with the sacred doctrines of the Pima and Maricopa tribes who have inhabited the land for centuries, Aji Spa at Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass will rejuvenate and replenish all who visit this authentic and tranquil resort spa.

Therapies Proven by Time and Tradition

The treatments offered at Aji Spa draw on traditional Native American healing practices and reflect the history and culture of the Gila River Indian Community. Aji means sanctuary in the Pima language, and you’ll find the spa to be exactly that. The Pima and Maricopa peoples who form this community have an abiding relationship with the Arizona landscape and a deep knowledge of the restorative properties of the plants, animals, and terrain that surround Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass.

The spa’s Nahtogig, or Four Directions treatment, is one such example. This therapy draws directly on tribes’ Creation Story, which is depicted in mosaic form in the spa’s lobby. A restorative Vichy shower begins the experience, with local ingredients like blue cornmeal, pomegranate, honey, and salt combining to nourish and exfoliate the skin. These ingredients represent the elements of sunset, illumination, sandstorm, and water which relate back to the Creation Story.

A True Sanctuary

Aji Spa is a full-service spa that provides guests a sanctuary where they can break free from the everyday and find once-in-a-lifetime luxury and solace. In addition to scrubs, facials, hair and nail treatments, and massages, Aji Spa has areas where guests can rest, relax, and recover their true selves complete with hot tubs, steam rooms, saunas and lounges. Shop from the spa’s signature line of products in the spa boutique, swim or lounge by the spa pool, or just sit and take in the serene surroundings outside the spa.

This is the landscape that is home to the legends of the Gila River Indian Community, including the story of the Twin Boys, who went in search of their birthright from Cloud, their father, and were transformed into the flora that dots the desert. The spa and its staff highlight and honor these traditions through the treatments, architecture, and artwork throughout the Sheraton Grand at Wild Horse Pass resort and spa. A visit to Aji Spa is an opportunity to soak up these stories and the power they possess.

Unwinding Doesn’t Have to Be Inactive

For guests looking to get out into those tranquil and historic surroundings, try the Mustangs and Massage package, which features a morning on horseback via the on-site KOLI Equestrian Center in search of the bands of wild horses that roam the desert landscape, followed by a 50-minute massage at the spa and lunch at the spa’s on-site restaurant, Aji Café. The café focuses on local, healthful ingredients that are every bit as revitalizing as the treatments at the spa.

Aji Spa features facilities and staff to get guests active in their own rejuvenation. Personal training is available, including instruction focused on fitness and flexibility geared toward tennis players. Paired with a treatment like the Ho’Dai, a Gila River rock massage, or an oxygen infusion facial or a sacred salt wrap, the services at Aji Spa restore guests while better preparing them to maintain their own physical and spiritual health when they leave.


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